The first step of every preconstruction project Sheridan Construction undertakes is to figure out what the customer needs.

The planning sometimes begins as early as a year before any construction takes place. Our team members are highly skilled and experienced with helping customers define their projects. We assist by bringing detail and definition to your idea while investigating cost, comparing various methodologies, and assessing necessary products to complete the project.

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A collaborative approach

Sheridan Construction provides its preconstruction clients with a thoughtful and continuously engaging collaborative approach. Too often in this industry, companies will take a project and keep the client on the sidelines throughout the project’s lifespan. Not Sheridan. You will be involved in both the project and the decision-making from the very beginning.  It is our job to provide you with the data and the pros and cons so you can make informed decisions. While the project is being designed, you’ll be regularly updated on the progression and the budget throughout each stage.

We strive to provide every client with the following end result: A well-developed project with a realistic budget that precisely met their needs.

Our preconstruction capabilities include:

Why Choose Sheridan for Preconstruction?

When customers choose Sheridan to handle their preconstruction and assist in the planning of their project, they will benefit from our depth of experience and wealth of resources. Our customers will also experience an unparalleled level of communication – we make every effort to keep them involved throughout the process.