Sheridan Construction bases its construction management services on collaboration and teamwork.

From the beginning, we pay careful attention to site logistics, procurement, long lead time, and important dates. When Sheridan begins a construction management project, we understand that we are the central point of responsibility. Our project managers are experts at monitoring the project budget so the customer receives the best value possible.

If you need an experienced construction manager to oversee your project, contact us today at

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Because our project managers are involved in the planning stages of preconstruction prior to actual construction, the transitional phase and constructability process are seamless. When acting as your construction management team, Sheridan Construction is proactive and involved. We keep in close contact with the engineers and architects. This ensures that all parties have the information they need, and time consuming requests for information are reduced.

The project managers will develop a meeting schedule that fits the needs of the project. These meetings further ensure that lines of communication are open and active. This schedule is monitored to make sure necessary milestones are hit, owner expectations are met, and key dates are on track.

Saving You Money

Our commitment to close collaboration and monitoring the drawings and designs of your project allows us to provide our customers with better cost control. We strive to give you not only a great finished product, but an unbeatable value.

Project Closeout

We focus just as intently on closing out a project as we did on getting it started. Sheridan Construction will provide a detailed, well-developed closeout process that is delivered in a timely, efficient manner. This is achieved by the attention to detail we provide throughout the life of the project and by beginning closeout months prior to completion. Additionally, we provide owners with detailed training prior to closeout.

Why Choose Sheridan for Construction Management?

When Sheridan Construction undertakes a construction management project, we keep the client involved. When you choose Sheridan, you’re choosing a team that you will be a part of. When the project is complete, you are provided a lifetime warranty for workmanship.