Sheridan Construction is highly skilled and has a long history in the hard-bid general contracting market.

Our experience, knowledge, and depth of resources give us a distinct, competitive advantage when performing and preparing hard-bid work. Our team is made up of budgeting experts who produce successful projects on tight budgets.

General Contracting

As a general contractor, we pay very close attention to the budget and the estimate in order to produce the best result for the owner. Sheridan Construction views general contracting as an opportunity to help owners solve problems in order to turn their concept into a real construct.

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The Best Value for Your Project

At Sheridan Construction, we pride ourselves on providing not only the best value, but we also provide you with a realistic, achievable number for the cost of the project. Our best value is a complete package – you, as the owner, can rest assured that you will not receive numerous, costly change orders as the project goes on. We are meticulous and thorough with the details of your project so that nothing is overlooked. For us, it’s important from the very beginning that we provide the customer a quality, complete project on time and within the specific budget.

Why Choose Sheridan for General Contracting?

Sheridan provides the ultimate team approach when operating as your general contractor. Unlike many other hard-bid general contracting companies, Sheridan Construction actively includes the owner throughout the life of the project. Many owners prefer the streamlined nature of having a general contractor because the projects generally require less input from them. However, we encourage you to stay informed and involved as we bring your project to life.