Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) allows Sheridan Construction to operate at our highest level of collaboration.

When you contract Sheridan to complete your project through IPD, you are leveraging the knowledge of each team member. Each member involved in the project is a stakeholder and has input, requiring close cooperation. IPD strategically takes advantage of each participant’s strengths and talents.

Instead of individual members striving to reach their own separate goals or expectations during a project, goals are shared and require a collective focus. Achieving these shared goals becomes the measure of success, meaning efficient teamwork is both required and encouraged. Through this method, inefficiency is kept to a minimum. A team following integrated project delivery is guided by:

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This emphasis on collaboration and teamwork allows Sheridan to produce an unmatched product for the owner. Within an IPD project, we implement LEAN Construction Methods and use 3D building information modeling to better coordinate and monitor designs. View examples of our work here.

Benefits of LEAN Construction Through Integrated Project Delivery

Implementing the methodology of LEAN construction brings with it massive benefits to both Sheridan and the owner, including:

  • Increased Efficiency and Decreased Waste: LEAN construction methods boost efficiency and decrease waste by clearly defining the strategy, project plan, and the work itself. This ultimately helps eliminate wasted time and resources.
  • Better Quality Product: Because each member of the LEAN construction team holds complete responsibility for their task, employees are empowered and contribute to an overall better process and product.
  • Customer Satisfaction: When a project is of the highest quality and was completed at maximum efficiency, the owner is more satisfied. This methodology lends itself to creating a product that is on time and within the budget.

Through the use of these principles and delivery methods, Sheridan Construction is able to complete projects of the highest quality at lower costs.

Why Sheridan?

Sheridan Construction has been offering the design-build method since the company began in 1947. Our approach to a design-build project, like all of our services, is highlighted by a focus on true teamwork and collaboration. We use our wealth of experience, knowledge, and resources to help you finalize your concept and turn into a real, tangible creation.