Sheridan Construction offers unmatched design-build services.

This type of project allows us to bring in the best designer, engineer, or architect for that specific job. Our extensive list of subcontractors is a major benefit to our customers because it allows us to assemble the perfect team to turn their concept into reality.

In this role, Sheridan Construction will act as both advocate and protector for the owner. Our goal is to make sure that the project is not only realistic but that your budget is maximized rather than wasted. Sheridan will put together an entire team of experts to make sure you end up with the ultimate completed project.

From conception, we are able to help develop the owner’s initial idea into a real project. We’re able to collaborate with the architects and engineers to ensure that the design and the concept are both realistic and practical.

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Benefits of Design-Build

There are numerous benefits to a design-build project, including:

Why Sheridan?

Sheridan Construction has been offering the design-build method since the company began in 1947. Our approach to a design-build project, like all of our services, is highlighted by a focus on true teamwork and collaboration. We use our wealth of experience, knowledge, and resources to help you finalize your concept and turn into a real, tangible creation.