Sheridan Construction undertook the construction of Woodlands Coffee Roaster & Cafe, a captivating Tuscan-styled coffee shop boasting rich, rustic aesthetics. The design incorporates elements such as old-style brick with “sacked stucco,” stained concrete floors, and a dual-sided fireplace for a cozy atmosphere both inside and outside. The cafe features a concert stage, ample outdoor seating, and a rooftop venue suitable for daily use and event rentals.

Beyond its architectural charm, the project carries a meaningful mission – supporting the Orphanage Emmanuel in Guaimaca, Honduras. This philanthropic initiative adds depth to the coffee shop’s purpose, aligning it with a noble cause. As patrons enjoy the unique ambiance and offerings of Woodlands Coffee Roaster & Cafe, they are also contributing to the well-being of children in need, making the establishment not just a place for coffee enthusiasts but a community hub with a heartwarming social impact.