Sheridan Construction was contracted to build a halfway house for Idle Hour Country Club. This project was located out in the middle of the golf course. The scope of work was to demolish the existing building and create a new structure for the golfers to stop and get drinks/snacks and a restroom facility. The design of this new building is really unique. Two separate buildings are connected with a roof for golf carts to pull through. This makes it very convenient for the golfers to get in and out quickly.

This project had a few challenges, such as job site access. Since this site was out in the middle of the course, the road in / out was difficult to maintain throughout the project. Another challenge was the brick that was selected. The exterior skin has many intricate details that would be tough with a perfect brick. The brick that was selected was beat with chains as part of the manufacturing process. It definitely required some extra attention to detail to turn out just right.