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The Newton Hall renovation project was a complete gut of the Newton Hall Annex that was originally built in the 1950’s. During the project approximately 60% of the floors were removed from the basement through the 3rd floor to allow for two stairwells to be constructed out of block with pan filled steel stairs and due to the tight construction site, the stairs were fabricated off site and lowered through a hole in the roof.  In addition, we installed a new modified bitumen roof with gutters and downspouts.  All three floors including the basement were completely renovated using some of the original materials such as hardwood floors, wood door and window casings.

A major concern of the owner was the water barrier integrity in the basement due to constant flooding in the past.  To combat this problem, we installed a water barrier and when the new basement slab was poured a waterproofing admixture was used.  Since the project was completed there have been several major rain events with no water entering the building through the basement.  At the end of the project we were able to give the owner $20,000 in savings through unused contingency and allowances as well as delivery the project on time.

Location: Macon, Georgia
Owner: Mercer University