The Cherry Street Plaza, is a civic project that beautified the block of Cherry Street in front of the recently renovated Terminal Station, Sports Hall of Fame, and Tubman Museum. This project was bid the traditional way and came in around 30% over the budget. Architect, Wimberly Treadwell, worked hard with the low bidder to find enough cuts in the project to still do something within the budget. When that process failed, it looked like the project would need to be abandoned. That is when we volunteered to work with Ms. Treadwell. Our pre-construction team re-worked the bid documents after carefully analyzing the job.

We worked with several local contractors and adjusted the scope of work to make the job attractive to them and we then issued separate bid packages in lieu of one bid. The result was that the sum of the low bid trade packages came in under budget and the original scope was maintained. In other words, by managing the pre-construction we were able to save over 30% of the original bid and thus the project. It took more effort to manage the construction on Wimberly Treadwell’s part, but she was glad to donate that extra work so that the project, with its original scope, could proceed.

Location: Macon, Georgia
Owner: Macon-Bibb County
Architect: Wimberly Treadwell LAIA