Chris R. Sheridan has a long-standing, ongoing relationship with The Boeing Aircraft Company’s Macon facilities. Since 1989, we have been continually on-site at Boeing, performing construction services on a competitively bid, renewable contract basis.

Our work at Boeing consists of architectural and engineering consultation, new construction of buildings and drives; foundations for machines and tools; electrical and process piping for the production floor; general renovation of office and restroom spaces; and painting, construction, and assembly maintenance of production support infrastructure.

In Spring 2003, Concrete Pumping Magazine featured two of our firm’s unique concrete foundations. These foundations are 170′ x 100′ and were built in the middle of the production facility 15′ below the finished floor all while not interfering with the production of the planes. Extreme care had to be taken to prevent dust dirt and exhaust fumes from disrupting production. These two identical foundations were constructed to support new state-of-the-art IPAC riveters. Because the foundations were engineered for extreme stability, the foundations are set in a large pit and consist of a monolithic concrete base atop 30′ long tension piles. The concrete base itself was greater than 525 cubic yards of concrete placed in a single pour.

Pictured in the slides are all types of construction that share a common theme: there can be no disruption to the owner’s schedule.

Location: Macon, Georgia
Owner: The Boeing Aircraft Company