Sheridan Construction joined the new Clean Streets Matter initiative by cleaning up a very large illegal dump site along Schofield Lane near their offices. A crew from Sheridan used their equipment to fill up four 40-yard dumpsters with furniture, trash, debris, yard waste, and more.  

“Our Warehouse Manager came to us and said he wanted to organize the cleanup after seeing what Macon-Bibb had accomplished in other areas,” says Christy Kovac, President & CEO of Sheridan Construction. “We certainly let him put it together and help clean up our streets, and we’re thankful to the county for installing the ‘no illegal dumping’ signs at either end of the street.”

In the sixth week, departments crews cleaned up 259,420 pounds from 9 illegal dumps and 147,760 pounds of yard waste from 1,363 stops along the normal collection routes in the past week. The Macon Water Authority, using its street sweepers, collected 52,000 pounds of leaves, pinestraw, dirt, and litter from 4.7 miles of road. The total amounts for the entire Clean Streets Matter initiative can be found at www.maconbibb.us/cleanstreetsmatter.

“A lot has been cleaned up in the past six weeks, but there’s still a lot more to do. We can’t do it alone, and I want to thank the neighborhoods and now the businesses that are stepping forward to join us in this very important effort,” says Mayor Lester Miller. “This is what true community looks like, people working together to take care of our homes, neighborhoods and streets, and I want to encourage everyone to take a few moments and help out. Clean streets matter because Macon matters.”

To help with the Clean Streets Matter initiative, you can report issues with trashy streets or organize your own neighborhood cleanup. To report one of the following issues, go to www.maconbibb.us/cleanstreetsmatterillegal dumps, eviction debris, litter, downed trees, dead animal pickup, furniture/appliance pickup, and tires. To organize a neighborhood cleanup with the support of Keep Macon-Bibb Beautiful, click here.

Schofield Lane Clean Up Before, During and After