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This library renovation gave students a better place for learning, collaborating, and studying. One of the main focuses of the renovation was building a new apparatus case and air handler. This was the first air handler replacement since the 1960s when the building was built. One challenge with replacing the unit was maintaining 46% humidity so books and archive pieces would not mold. Some of these items are over 200 years old and would have to be hand-cleaned if damaged. The amount of space available to replace the unit was a challenge, but over one weekend, the team tied in the new unit and removed the old one, so the humidity stayed constant.

The building was occupied during the renovation. The past President, Ruth Knox, said one of the “coolest” parts of the project was taking the waffle type concrete structure and turning it into a retro centerpiece for the renovation. Another interesting part of the project was renovating the previously masonry-enclosed stairwell into an open stairwell with aluminum hand rails and glass siding.

Location: Macon, Georgia
Owner: Wesleyan College
Architect: Dunwody Beeland Architects